No Restrictions

Tác giả: Men at Work
Give me no restrictions on what I do or say
Don't speak of tomorrow when it's still today
Leave me to my selfish ways
I'm well enough alone
That is what
I tell myself as I stumble home
Derelict across the street in the garbage bin
Looks like he's found something
neat judging by his grin
It's such a long long way to go
I hope I get there soon
I wish I could jump a great height
and land in my front room

Wake up in the morning make sure
I'm still alive
Percolate the coffee opens up my eyes
Hear the cricket calling switch on the TV
Sit and stare for hours and cheer
Dennis Lillee

Through the derestriction zone
we pass a long wide load
Laugh at the reflections
of cat's eyes on the road
Freeways hypnotize me up up and away
Hope we make it home tonight
Be that as it may.
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Người đăng: beieu
Người sửa: Black Sea
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