Don't You Love Me

Tác giả: Chưa Biết
Let me tell you
i don't wanna you hanging round me boy
cause i know what you are trying to do
and I ain't gonna give in
gonna give into you
I know the type of guy you are
got a girl of your own
but your eyes are always wandering
and you're still trying to get me alone
well let me tell you what I think about u playing the field
Whatever goes around comes around
so you better know who you're messing with boy
Don't even think that i'm one of those
foolish girls who will fall for your words
Cause all i hear is la di hah...
cause boy you've already got a girl

don't say that you love me
you just want to get some
I am not naive so don't even try to use me
don't say that i'm your girl
cause you've already got one
so quit talking cause i'm done listening to you boy....

Not so, not so weak am I
I'mma tell you how it is
I don't want you calling me
talking as if you know me and what i want
cause you don't know nothing about the way a girl should be treated
so won't you quite trying to get with me
cause I ain't got no vulnerability for you
well let me tell you I think about.
the things you're telling me
your sweat talk and your pick up lines
ain't no way got and effect on me
there'll be no winning with ouy flattery
I ain't your girl and I ain't your friend
I'm not about to get mixed up with
A guy like you who's already taken

Don't say that you love me
I know so much better
you don't love me
you just wanna get with me yeah....
I'm not about to let you
get the best of me, no!!
I'm holding strong to my pride and I am turning your down.. Oh Oh...
Yeah yeah yeah yeah....oh yeah yeah
Don't say you love me... oh no no no no no no
Naive so don't even try to use me
Don't say, don't say that you
don't say that you love me baby, no....
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