He & She

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
No problem, no problem
She can tease she can please
she can play to my needs
she can soothe with her hands
and sugar she can mnnn
like my old girlfriend
and my new girlfriend
like she, like her
so fine can they be
if they get their Prada
and their JPG's with her Fendi
and their Gucci's and their diamond rings
too much to their needs
do you know what's enough
when its' enough?
that, that's enough
Fancy cars and disco bars
he'll buy them all he'll spend it all
so why not all on me?
stocks and bonds won't do for long
he'll lose it all on basketball
so spend it all on me...
na na na na na na...

It is mad all these fads,
and she has to have so she tells me honey
baby buy for me
she can shop but won't drop
she can go for awhile
gotta quit, need to stop
cause she ain't gonna stop
it's a crime
all this time
to fulfill her needs
I ain't dumb just in deep
cause my baby sure can please
put a lock on the rocks
and she will blow her top
in my mind she is find
and she'll rob you blind

Customs suits, designers boots
he'll charge it all expense it all
so why not all on me?
dining fine with all that wine
he'll lose his health with all his wealth
so spend it all on me
na na na nan na
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