I Will Follow Him & Tainted Love

Tac gia: Nhac Ngoai [Loi Viet: Vu Anh Tuan]
I will follow Him
Follow Him wherever He may go,
And near Him, I always will be
For nothing can keep me away,
He is my destiny.

I will follow Him,
Follow Him wherever He may go,
There isn't an ocean too deep,
A mountain so high it can keep,
Keep me away, away from His love...

You turn away when i reach out to you
it worries me so
something's wrong
although you try not to let it show
and you know lately there's no tenderness
in words that we say
can it be our precious love has gone away
and when the clouds are in the sky
and the tears keep falling from your eyes
and the love you own turns to gray
leading you away
Am i the one who makes you blue?
is it me who put this pain on you?
can't i see this tainted love
must end this way....
  • Nghe nhac
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