LK Bad Boy Blue

Tác giả: Chưa Biết
I know life's been different to you
first love it can be frightening that's true
so take me as your brother and your friend
and take me as your lover and your man
ah ha ha ha ha
Pretty young girl on my mind
how i wish you to be mine
wow wowow
girl you're no child anymore
pretty young girl on my mind
don't you know know i can't hide
wow ow wow
can't hide my feelings you're my girl and you're sixteen

Half awake and half as dreaming
on a Sunday Sunday night
walking all alone in the streets
on a Sunday Sunday night
but then an angel passed my by
a little angel made me sigh
just when i wanted you a dream came true called love
I wanna hear your heartbeat
wanna feel what you need
let me stay the night
by your side by your side
i wanna hear your heartbeat
share your dreams when you're sleeps
let me hold you tight in the night in the night

Michelle how I love when you love and I love when you whisper je t'aime
Michelle mon amour is it true do you feel the way I do?
the bride eyes of you the boulevards
the shining in your tender eyes
your perfume is exciting me
you're still the same
a world without you
a world without you
a world on my own without your love
my heart will turn to stone
a world without you
a day without light without your touch i couldn't stand one night
a world without you
a world withtout you
in the house of silience
far from the distant voices
coming out of the air
in the house of silence
sends our tears shadows dancing for a hundred years...

by my lady
you're a woman, i'm a man
this is more than just a game
i can make you feel so right
be my lady
you're a woman, i'm a man
you're my fortune and i'm your fame
these are things we can't disguise
be my lady, tonight....

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