Save Tonight

Tác giả: Chưa Biết
Like candy for the soul
you make me lose all self control
I can't resist the taste
of your temptation
and in the moment that we met
there was an instant lovers sweat
a constant craving for that sweet sensation
I'm tossing and turning
my love light is burning
then it falls apart when I see you're not there
if you have the secret
then trust me to keep it
cause the dream will survive unless you dare

save tonight I'm going under
make tonight a little longer
save tonight oh baby please don't say NO
take me higher
than the tree tops
making love until rain stops
save tonight and never never let me go
oh please don't say NO.....

I got a little bit insane between the pleasure and the pain
i'm inside out and twisted all around now
the slightest touch of your cares
is like a cure for loneliness
the scent of you still lingers on my pillow
I wait by the window and watch as the moon glow
fills the empty streets and I wonder if you care
What spell am I under
that hit me like thunder
there's a storm tonight can you feel it in the air?

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