Sending You My Love

I've searched too long
you're my perfect ending
to life's love song

Who could have known you were just right there
Inches away from my computer chair
a click of the mouse and you were there
showing me what it meant to truly care
you're my world wide web you're all that I need
you're my everything from A to Z

No girl, you're my everything
you're everything I need
so that's why

I wish that I could scan my heart
for you to see what you truly mean to me
I wish that I could download my soul
for you to know that we were meant to be
I'm sending you my love
through my finger tips whispering those three words softly through my lips
I'm sending you my love
through my finger tips whispering those three words softly through my lips

It must have been destiny
it must have been fate
the way we hooked up after just one date
I felt I knew you even before we met
you confide in my all your life regrets
all the times you cried your lonely heartaches
the deepest darkest that kept you awake
we stayed up late
we chatted all night
next thing I knew we watched the sunrise

Even though you weren't there
you felt so close
sorta like the scene in the movie Ghost
Its'a hard to explain the way you make me feel
its like sky diving you're loves a thrill
so take my hand we'll glide through the clouds
it's like a virtual dream come true
when you're around

You're my dream come true
i want you to know
I'll always be there
I'll always be there

We laughed out loud we exchanged emails
you sent me your pics through AOL
to my surprise you were pretty cute
It must have been your smile that made you cute
your sincere personality caught me by surprise
you were different not like other guys
you didn't try to impress
you were just yourself
I knew you didn't care about my wealth
what care I drove or how much I made
you were interested in who's my soul mate
you wanted to know what made me click
ways to cheer me up when I felt down and sick
right there and then I knew you were the one
my internet love my search was done
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