Still Can't Let You Go

How can I forget the way you held my hand
you were my ocean
and I was your sand
How can I forget, the fist time you touched my heart
just like falling leaves
we're drifting apart

why can't you remember
the way we use to be
our love was so simple
only you and me
one moment of love
lifetime of pain
hard to ignore, burns like a flame
three words you say echo in my soul
when waves collided I miss you
that's why I still can't let you go...

so girl how can i forget
all those time we share
holding you in the dark
the smell of your hair
your gentle lips
press against mine
i'll cherish those moments till the end of time

I know it's hard to do
but we must move on
our moment in time has come and gone
the passion we shared
has faded away
there's not use of holding on to yesterday

It's hard to let go
it's like giving up, on love
like waking up one day
knowing there's no heaven above
there's no meaning in life
without you by my side
I'm like a flower without a sunlight
waiting to die..

I know your heart is broken
please understand
so is mine but we did all we can
we took a gentle love
but we wouldn't meant to be
it's time to let go
please set me free....

please let me forget
the words we say in vain
and endless question
who's the one to blame
please let me forget
the countless times we cried
we're never content
always asking why

I wish that I could show you
the dreams I have inside
I wish that you still love me
please give us just one more try
listen to my heart
a heart never lies
the stars must fade away
before our love dies
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