Tac gia: Chua Biet
Know you’d understand
When we go crazy everyday
I don’t want to stay to take a bow
We are enough if we are without us

Saying “we are alike” to
Lock me up in your embrace
Setting our fire and burn it down
Give us up like you have always wanted it

I didn’t need you
I didn’t want you
Running around and spreading lies
Why I did it
Watching you missing
I just can’t be by your side

You *** my head you broke my heart
Left me in the dark
Wish we could have turned our things around
Before it came crashing down

Now I’m sitting and feeling lonely,
Bitches wanna call me
Bitches wanna cry keep
Saying that they love me
Everything I touch, dead gone, *** memories
It’s gonna be me reminiscing
Chains on my neck, speaking facts
Double up the lean like a routine
Peace on my mind and flying high
Spare me your lies

You better know what to say
You better love ‘fore it’s too late
I don’t really need us, I’m unsaved
Moving out the way
To love and to hurt, to be by your side
Afraid you would bid some goodbyes
Know I cannot change your mind
You better know what to say, yeh


You had gun barrel pointing straight at me
No love, no lust, you are like dead to me
You wanted it? You had it
You asked it? I gave it
Love is just a fraud when porn is the realist
You crying? I can't be him
Cursing and believing
Bullet shot and fired, now you screaming out of mind but

You don’t wanna talk about it but
Your eyes say otherwise
Baby why you had to fight
For something not alive
So girl
All you need to have is faith
When you on the other side
Keep our heads up and pray for a better day

We cannot be saved when we are on fire
(To love and to hurt, to be by your side)
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