The Heart Of Hell

Tac gia: Nhac Ngoai
They are marching on
They are bound all three as one
Like eternal lovers
One couldn't live without the others
Religion gave birth to madness
Policy power's greed
The army massive killings
Unholy trinity.

And they lead us straight into war.

In the heart of hell
Corruption hate and treason follow their way
In the heart of hell
The demon made its lair right down on earth.

The roots of evil
Have increased since far too long
The voice of the devil
Is seductive to many ones
They control their minds
Frightening secrets twist the truth
Blinding their eyes
To put the lambs into rows.

Evil's not below
Awaiting to get your soul
Evil lives right here
Breeding into the heart of men
Men's cupidity
Is honey to the lord of flies
The unholy trinity
Is strong like never in those times.
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