Green The Whole Year Round

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
1. My true love sits in a forest glade
In the springtime's golden light
The flowers, they dance in the gentle breeze
And the warm sun shines so bright
And of all the flowers in the forest
And all trees that do abound
The ones that please my heart the most
Are green the whole year 'round.

Green the whole year 'round
Green the whole year 'round
The holly yew and the ivy tree
Are green the whole year 'round.

2. When summer comes and the days are hot
And the birds are full of song
In the quiet shade of that leafy glade
That is where my heart belongs
For I know whenever I look for you
That is where you can be found
As you take your ease 'neath your favorite trees
That are green the whole year 'round.

3. But the summer fades and the days grow short
And the autumn winds they blow
And the leaves of gold come tumbling down
To the forest far below
Memories of other days come tumbling from the past
To remind us, like the seasons do
That life goes by so fast
The winter lays her fingers cold
On dark and lonely nights
But christmas it will soon be here
To usher in the light
And when morning breaks and the bells ring out
It is such a joyous sound
To hear them echo in the trees
That are green the whole year 'round.

[Chorus x3]
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