No Bs (No Bullshit)

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
1. 3 in the morning
You know I'm horny
So why don't you come over my place
Put a smile on my face
Leaving the club
Shawty hurry up
So we can get this party started
Take off your clothes, now
You already know what time it is
Reach up in the dresser where the condoms is
Baby, when I get it, I'll never let it go
Gonna take it slow.

We ain't gon stop til 9 AM
If you can't take it all, baby say when
Make you come over and over again
And Ima leave it in.

When we do it, all night
We can do it, all night
Girl I'mma give it to you, all night
So fly girl.

Dont you be on that bullshit, all night [3x]
So fly girl.

2. Now there is one of two things that can happen at this time of the hour
So baby after we get out of the shower
You can race me to the bed
Turn off all the lights and light some candles instead
Woah, yeah
I can hear your body calling, baby
Ohh, yeah
We gon get freaky
You know, darling
You know what time it is, get it in
Imma do it all.



We can do it all, all night girl [3x]
We can do it all, all night baby, all night yeah.


Dont you be on that bullshit, yea, yeah [3x]
Hey, Hey
When you leavin the club, I just want u to come over girl
Ooooh na na naaa, naaaaaohhh.
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