Stay Here Forever

Tác giả: Jewel
1. Laying here dreaming, staring at the ceiling
Wasting the day away
The world's flying by our window outside
But hey baby that's okay
This feels so right, it can't be wrong so far as I can see
Where you wanna go
Baby, I'll do anything.

'Cause if you wanna go
Baby, let's go
If you wanna rock
I'm ready to roll
And if you wanna slow down
We can slow down together
If you wanna walk
Baby, let's walk
Have a little kiss
Have a little talk
We don't gotta leave at all
We can lay here forever
Stay here forever, oh.

2. If you want to see that Italian tower leaning
Baby, we can leave right now
If that's too far, we can jump in the car
And take a little trip around town
They say that California is nice and warm this time of year
Baby, say the word and we'll just disappear.

Take me for a whirl
Just a boy and a girl
Letting go of it all
Holding on to one another
Or there's a whole nother' world to discover
Under the covers.
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