Straight To The Bank

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
When I'm out in N.Y., boy, it's blunts and Phillies
When I'm out in L.A., boy, it's wraps and Swishers
Now Blood walk to this, now Crip walk to this
Now throw it up, raise it up for that gangsta shit
Now Blood walk to this, now Crips walk to this
Now throw it up, raise it up for that gangsta shit.

[Verse 1:]
I'm in my Lambo, maggot, my fo' fo' faggot
Doors lift up, I'm like Go Go Gadget
See the shit I got on, homie, I'd hate too
My Teflon on, boy, my government issue
I'll hit your vertebrae, bullets rip through tissues
Your wife on the futon hugging that Shih Tzu
Homie, you a bitch, you got feminine ways
Heard you got four lips and bleed for seven days
I got fo' fifths and bananas on the K's
And got more whips than a runaway slave
Me and Yayo go back like some high top fades
When I made fifty mill, Em got paid
When I made sixty mill, Dre got paid
When I made eighty mill, Jimmy got paid
I ain't even gotta rap now, life is made
Said I ain't even gotta rap, I'm filthy, mane.

I'm laughing straight to the bank with this
(Ha, ha ha ha ha ha, ha, ha ha ha ha ha)

[Verse 2:]
I keep nothing but hundred dollar bills in the bank roll
I got the kind of money that the bank can't hold
Got it off the street movin bundles and O's
Seventy Three Caprice old school when I roll
Breeze pass with the E-Pass, fuck the toll
No more platinum, I'm wearing gold
I'm internationally known, it's the kid with the flow
That brings enough dough, it's never enough though
Shit I need mo', new shit out the sto'
Baby blue was old, fresh off the flo'
Stashbox by the dashbox in case they want war
Make the purple bring the green in, fuck the law
I'm oh so raw, I'm hot, I'm sure
I'm like the coolest motherfucker around the globe, boy
I set the club on fire I told ya
I'm the general; salute me soldier.


Now work it out now, shorty work it out
I wanna see you, break it down
Now back it up now, you know what I'm about
It's like a bank job I'm in and I'm out
Now work it out now, work it out, work it out
Now work it out now, work it out, work it out.
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