I Wish Everyday Could Be Like Christmas

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
What time is it baby
Is it that time again
The snow will be falling
Friends will be calling
I know it's time when
There will be carol singing
Silent Night
I love when you sing
The feeling it brings
It's warm as the fire
Really bright

Soon there will be toys
For the good girls and boys
Reindeer heading our way
As the Santa will come down the chimney above
There's one thing I wanted to say
I wish everyday could be like Christmas
And if I could have one wish come true
I wish everyday could be
Full of harmony
I do
I saw a child asleep
Oh Mr Claus
Here in the eyes
He is those sent
Peace on earth falls
Now the old man calls
How we could say
That is the greatest gift
One you can give everyday
Now the mistletoe
And the house of lord
All the world seems at ease tonight
And all I ask, deep precious moment passed
Is working everyday, piece of pride
Honest I do
Yes I do
Merry, merry Christmas
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