The Autumn Waltz

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
Chill winds and blue
Skies are everywhere
And I'm sentimental
Cause I still care.

Constantly dreaming
Of one love affair
When I hear the autumn waltz.

Golden October is when we met
The wind dries the leaves
But my eyes stay wet.

You are the one love
That I can't forget
When I hear the autumn waltz.

Come back to me
Come back to me
High on the haystack
Is where I'll be.

The new harvest dance
Is about to begin
And the barn is a palace
When sweethearts walk in.

No strings this season
I'm on my own
It's the loneliest feeling
I've ever known.

If you don't show up
I'll just walk home alone
When they play the autumn waltz.
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