Like The Sea

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại

1. When it's cold
Cold under water
In the night time
But I dove
Dove to the bottom
To see what I find.

That's when I saw a light
A glowing paradise
Thought I stay a while
It's been calling me underwater
Everything that I ever dream.

Taking my breath away
Current got a hold on me
Sweeping me away
Wish I can stay
Takes me to the top
The cycle that never stops.

Love is like the sea
Gets on your knees
Then it pulls you in
Then it takes you, takes you
Over, over
Love is like the sea
Gets on your knees
First your floating high
Then takes you takes you
Under under.

(Takes you takes you over
Takes you takes you under)
(Takes you takes you over)over
(Takes you takes you under)

2. Say I been told
Told you only find it once in a lifetime
So you better hold
Hold on strongeer then ever
Like it's the last time.

So when you see the night
Like a ship in the night
You will found a place
You been looking for
Like a distant shore
Don't you ever look back again.

Here is something you should know
Still see you are still in control
Cheish everyday
Cause never know
It can take away
The very thing you love the most.


(Takes you takes you over) oh
Takes you takes you under)
(Takes you takes you over)so far
(Takes you takes you under)this love like the sea

(Takes you takes you over)
Takes you takes you under)can you feel the pull
(Takes you takes you over)its calling you
(Takes you takes you under)

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