Take A Look At Me Now

1. So long to electric fences
Not much left for me to run from now
Guess I'll turn myself around
I'm putting down my defensess
These wings are gonna take me off the ground
It's freedom sweet as sound
And I'll admit that I was wrong
And it is obvious that I'm
Finally taking my fist down.

Would you stop and take a look at me now
Could you stop and take a look at me now
When your standing right in front of me
Your looking at the positive that was negative
Would you stop and take a look at me now.

2. Don't know what you get tomorrow
Not sure where I want to go tonight
Isn't that what lifes about
So long for the fear and worry
Lets go and you wont be sorry
I'll be the one that gets you out
Chase the demons out tonight
You can see how fast they run
When you turn the lights will shine.


And it gets more beautiful it gets more beautiful
As the sun turns into rain
And the hurt turns into shame
And it gets more wonderfull it gets more wonderfull
Can you get this through your brain
That you can not lose again.

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