Magic Melody

Tác giả: BeFour
1. I'm walking through a land
Of peace and harmony
Come take me by the hand
And join my fantasy
This dream has just begun
Come on and sing with me
I know a certain song
A certain melody goes.

La la la la la
The magic melody goes
La la la la la
Come on and sing with me just
La la la la la
Oh, music is the key just
La la la la la
So it will set you free.

2. I know it's just a dream
It's not reality
And not that what it seems
I'm sure my mind is free
Like lucy in the sky
We just go on and on
And fly our way up high
Until the day is gone

You just got to hold on
To what your heart believes
You'll see you can't go wrong
Inside this land of dreams
we fly into the sun
Across the milky way
And sing our favorite song
A rainbow shows the way just.
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