The Ball

Tác giả: Dave Malloy
Waiting at the door
Waiting at the door
Waiting at the door
Waiting at the door
Waiting at the door
Waiting at the door
And there she is.

(The ball begins, they dance)

I am seized by feelings of vanity and fear
There is no barrier between us
Whispers and moans and ringing in my ear
There is no barrier between us.

Divine, delicious
But I do not see or hear anything
I'm borne away to a senseless world
So strange, so remote
I don't know good from bad
Anatole, Anatole
I'm so frightened
You are enchanting.

And as we danced he pressed my waist and hand
And told me I was
And I love you
And I love you.

And during the ecossaise, he
Gazed in my eyes
My frightened eyes
Such confident tenderness
I could not say what I had to say.

Don't lower your eyes
I love you
I am in love dear
I am in love.

Gaze in my eyes
I love you
You are bewitching
What can I do
Darling what can I do.

Don't say such things
I am betrothed
I love another.

Don't speak to me of that!
When I tell you I am madly, madly, in love with you!
Is it my fault that you're enchanting?

I'm so frightened
I don't understand anything tonight
I'm here now.

(Natasha breaks away)

I can feel your eyes upon me
Blocking her path, I bring her face close to mine
His large, glittering, masculine eyes are so close to mine
That I see nothing else
Is it possible that I should never see you again?
I love you madly!
Can I never?
You press my arm
You press my arm.

You're hurting my hands
I don't understand
I have nothing to say.

(They kiss)
Burning lips press to mine
Tell me what just happened
I'm trembling
So frightened

But I love you
Of that there is no doubt
How else could all of this have happened?
How else could we have kissed?
It means that I have loved you from the first
It means that you are kind, noble, and splendid
And I could not help loving you.

I will love you Anatole
I'll do anything for you
I'll do anything for you.
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