Black Blue

Tac gia: Christina Perri
1. And I've been meaning to say this to you.
My heart isn't black and blue anymore
And your words don't mean a thing
Their sung, in vain

Maybe I was wrong
I only remember feeling so alone

This isn't were I meant to lay down
But you dug this grave
Fits me perfectly

And if your asking if I'm over love
Your a fool to believe
That you gave me some

2. It's raining here like it never should
And I can't help but believe it's because you're coming
You tried once to run away and you tried once to hide,
Be Don't come following your fantasy,
Cause you might be surprised she'll run right back inside

This isn't where I meant to lay down!
But you dug this grave
Fits me perfectly

And If you're asking if I'm overloved!
You're a fool of believe you're a fool of believe!
That you gave me some
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