Can't Lose What You Never Had

Tac gia: Nhac Ngoai
1. Baby you re so beautiful
And when I m near you I can t breathe
A girl like you gets who she wants
When she wants it
You re so out of my league
I show you no emotion
Don t let you see what you re doin to me
Imagine the two of us together
But I ve been livin in reality.

Fear of rejection kept my love inside
But time is running out so damn my
Foolish pride.

Don't care if you think I m crazy
Dosen t matter if it tums out bad
Cos I ve got no fear of losin you
You can t lose what you never had. [x2]

2. Rules are made for breaking
Nothin ventured nothin gained
I ll be no worse off then I am right now
And I might never get the chance again.

Tried to fight it but it cannot be denied
Told my heart I didn t want you but I lied.

Now I m gonna confess thati love you
I been keepin it inside feelin I could die
Now if you turn away then that s o k
At least we ll have a moment before
You say good bye.

Here on the outside lookin in
Don t wanna stay dreamin bout
What could have been
I need to hear you speak my name
Even if you shoot me down in flames.
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