Don't Get Me Wrong

Tac gia: Westlife
Don't get me wrong
I've played my part and it's over
I'm tired of being strong
By hiding that I'm not(Yeah)
Don't get me wrong
You've played your part
And I think you know.

This love's for real
It's time to show just how I feel
Time after time
I refuse to see why
I can't go on without you by my side.

Baby I just wanted you to know
That if you care you could be part of my life
Baby don't you know we could
Be doing this forever and be doing alright(Yeah).
Time after time
This moment's been on my mind
Now i've left it behind (Oh)
Don't get me wrong (Yeah)
Don't get me wrong.

You bruised my heart and it's aching
It won't take you long
To see that I'm in pain
Don't get me wrong
If you run off now you sure
Be mistaking
This love's for real
And baby this is how I feel it yeah
Time after time i've been
Trying to deny
I can't go on without you
By my side (Don't get me wrong).


No no baby (Ooh yeah)
Time after time
I've been trying to deny
I need the nearness of you
To get by.

[Chorus: x2]

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