Should I Move?

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
[Intro: Andy Samberg]
This was the hardest day of my life
Should I stay or should I go?
Help me, Lord, to decide.

[Verse 1: Andy Samberg]
Three blocks from home when she caught my eye
I shouldn't even be looking but she just had to be mine
Ten bedrooms, ten baths, 7,000 square feet
I was weak in the knees, she was the house of my dreams
I had just moved in to the place down the block
And now I'm thinking 'bout moving? Imagine my shock
I talked to my real estate guy, Peter
He was like, "Your house is beautiful, yo, how could you leave her?
6,000 square feet, a dolphin-themed pool
If I'm being honest, Connor, yo, I think you're a fool
But it's cool, you can definitely afford both places"
Tell me what to do, God, my heart's torn in pieces.

[Pre-Chorus 1: Andy Samberg]
So many options and all in my price range
This decision is torture, my head's playing mind games.

[Chorus 1: Akon & (Andy Samberg)]
Should I move? (Should I move y'all?)
Tell me should I buy this new place? (Tell me should I buy it?)
Should I move y'all? (With my money)
It'd be nice to have some more space (More space)

[Verse 2: Andy Samberg]
So I turned to my friends playing out by the pool
As I sipped on my drink, I screamed what should I do?
They just shrugged and I could tell that I was on my own
With this decision, no vision, which house to call my home
I had to get away so I flew to Majorca
Dove in the ocean, went swimming with orca
I drank too many piña coladas and fell asleep
Had a dream about both houses and began to weep.

[Pre-Chorus 2: Akon]
Tell me how many houses can one man own?
I'll be paying in cash, got no need for a loan (But still)

[Chorus 2: Akon & (Andy Samberg)]
Should I move? (Should I move?)
Tell me should I buy this new place? (I don't know what to do)
Should I move y'all? (I think I should just buy it)
It'd be nice to have some more space (I think I'm gon' buy it)

[Outro: Andy Samber & Akon
So much pain, so many struggles
But I made it through
I bought the house, it's beautiful
And I kept the old one for my dogs
Sometimes it just works out (Shit works out)
Oh, and now I own two houses, oh.
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