So Long

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
1. It's been so long for too long and
We've both known just what's been coming on
No cryin', there's no tryin'
Let's go ahead and get to goodbyin'
Let's jump before it gets too bad
Stop the train before it runs outta track
Take the sugar-coatin' off the facts
Take two steps forward, don't look back.

Ooh, I'll be going my way
Ooh, I'll see you 'round someday
Ooh, it ain't nobody's fault
Let's kiss and get gone and I'll leave you with a song so long.
A so long.

2. Tell your momma and your sister
Tell your crazy aunt Penny, I'll miss her
Try it on again, try it off again
Skip to talkin' 'bout us just bein' friends
This thing had a really short fuse
And every match in the box has been used
Ain't no good reason or bad excuse
A new (?) more old news.

Yeah yeah yeah
I'll leave you with a, hmmm

I'll be going my way
I'll see you 'round someday
Let's kiss and get gone and I'll leave you with a - ha
A so long.

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