Baby You're Everything

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
1. In this moment, no place I'd rather be
Hearts wide open, you and me, and nothing in between
Sweet sunshine, it's shining down on me
Yeah I feel so fine, feel so complete.

You're the sand beneath my feet
Waves crashing on the beach
Warm from the sun on my skin
I could stay all afternoon
Just the ocean, me and you
Slow it down and soak it in
When you're here with me
You're all I need
Baby, you're everything.

2. Rays of gold, turning into grey
To mark the end of this perfect day
And who knows what tomorrow's gonna bring
But I do know this, one thing.

Laying here with you
I know you feelin' too
Wanna stay here, stay here, stay here with you.
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