Stay Down

Tac gia: Nhac Ngoai
1. There's a bitterness in the air
When did you lose all your care
I don't wanna hear you speak no more
‘Cause every word leaves my heart red raw.

Another chance to tell me that you're right
I try and bury away all your spite
You keep on saying that you want to stay
But something's telling me you're afraid of being lonely.

[Pre-Chorus 1:]
Faced with all your issues
With no one to pick up the pieces
To tell you everything's alright
And have you thrown back in my face.

You wanna stay down so you won't fall
Lying on the ground
So nothing at all can make you weak
I will stay in the dark for you to take it out on me

2. Thinking why do you want me around
You get defensive and just shot me down
Maybe you just need a hand to hold
I'd touch you but you're freezing cold.

Why don't you let yourself be happy here
Make that effort, come on, be sincere
‘Cause you don't mean all of the things you say
Why do you let yourself get in the way?

[Pre-Chorus 2:]
Your freedom
Emancipate yourself from this whole world you got yourself into
This time you've gone way too far
Trying to hurt me 'cause you can.


Walking further into the darkness
(Can you hear me calling you?)
You say you just don't know how hard it is
(To walk in your shoes)

Oh, but don't you want to get better?
Get out of this big black hole
The one you dug yourself into
And devoured all of your soul.

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