Tumbling Down

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
[Verse 1:]
Loving me right
You fill my dreams with sweetness all through the night
Until the sky turns red
I'm stuck, I'm sugar craving
A honey pool I bathe in
Rolling around
Our love is shining like a jewel on a crown
I'll place it on your head
Fit for a ceremony
Say I'm your one and only.

It's so natural, magical, wonderful
Scrambling for what you give, I want it all
And every day a little more, I feel the fall
I feel the fall.

I'm tumbling down
This wall that I built falls down before me
Crumbling down
Say it's the beginning of a beautiful story
I'm tumbling, crumbling
Right down to love, to love.

[Verse 2:]
Down on my knees
You got my temperature 100 degrees
My t-shirt's soaking wet
You bring the heat, the fever
My girl said you'd hurt me but I won't believe her
Nothing before
Could ever come between this love I adore
There's nothing she could say
To shock me or surprise me
I'll keep your secrets, be the lock on your diary.



In your arms, a heaven tailored just for me
A state so calm, yet so full of energy
Brick by brick, you take my pry, give it away
Caught me quick when said I was here to stay
I'm tumbling down
I'm tumbling down
I'm tumbling down.

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