Drink Up

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
1. It was just an ordinary Wednesday night
11:47, when the stars aligned
Saw your face, and then I felt the butterflies
Someone's gonna fall in love tonight.

If you let me take you to my special place
I can make sure everybody knows your name
Don't regret the things you do, or things you say
Even if you did it for the fame.

Can't let this moment
This moment slip away
'Cause things like this don't happen to us everyday
So take this moment
And put it in a glass
If you want a sip, I got memories on tap
Drink up, drink up
Write your name on a cup
Drink up, drink up
Write your name on a cup.

2. Sitting on the roof of someone else's car
Wrapped up in a blanket of the brightest stars
Hoping either one of us will go too far
Feeling for each other in the dark.


* This is the night when everything is right
Yeah, when the stars align
This is the night, been waiting all my life
To put your name right next to mine.

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