5 O'clock

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
[Hook: Lily Allen]
It's 5 o' clock in the morning
Conversation got boring
You said you'd go into bed soon
So I snuck off to your bedroom
And I thought I'd just wait there
Until I heard you come up the stairs
And I pretended I was sleeping...
And I was hoping you would creep in.

[T Pain]
It's 5 o'clock in the morning, and I want ya
And you want me, don't ya?
I can see it cause you've been waiting on me
Since I said that I was hitting in the club
Sun be coming up on me
And I know you be getting so horny
Cause you be sending me texts
Like boy just get your ass up in that car
And come get all of this love.

It's 5 o'clock in the morning
You ain't got to remind me
She already said if I don't come on time
She might go crazy
And she'll be waiting on me naked
With one of my chains on
She might come and find me
And then ask me kindly
Do I want her to go crazy?
We do this every night
And yet we wake up singing the same song.

[Hook: Lily Allen]

It's 5 o'clock in the morning
And you calling
And these females got me stalling
I can hear your voice in my head like
"What is he doing?"
Cause I keep checking my cell phone
And these missed calls
You texting me like I'mma kill y'all
If you don't get your ass up out of that club
And do you know what time it is
(It's 5 o'clock in the morning) and my bad, girl
And this Nuvo got me trippin
And I know that you mad, girl
But you ain't got to worry about nothing
Girl I got you, girl I got you
She might come and find me, and then ask me kindly
I don't want her to go crazy
We do this every night and then we always wake up singing the same song.

[Hook: Lily Allen]

[Wiz Khalifa]
You ain't got nothing on
But the t-shirt that I left over your house
The last time I came and put it on ya
Too many thirsty girls up in this club for me to
Leave here with one of them
That's why I call her
And you'll be right at home waiting for me
Iphone plugged in the wall, just waiting for me
Club closed at 6, left around 4:30
Yeah so by the time I'm at your crib..
(It's 5′O Clock in the morning)
And you yawning, but I've been drinking all night and I feel like performing
With you in the bedroom
Floor to the dresser
Dont want nothing less cause I'm sure you're the best
You're the one, So I let you
Thats how you show me love
And when we finish you like “damn, babe you woke me up”
I like you way you put it down likes its for both of us
The sun ain't the only thing thats coming up.

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