Just A Bit Like Me

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1. It's six o'clock in the morning
The sun was ready to rise
And as she closes his lunchbox
She spies the sun in his eyes
She stays at home with the baby
She's got a dream in her heart
Somewhere her sister is singing
A night is ready to start.

One's choosin', one's cruisin'
Down the highway of their dreams
While songs are sung her dream's begun
And she thinks of what it means
To live through her voice, she made a choice
But neither one is free
Am I a lot like her or is she just a bit like me?

2. It's three o'clock in the morning
I got an ache in my head
I throw my clothes in the corner
Then sleep alone in my bed
Tomorrow, we'll go to Texas
I hear it's sunny back home
There ain't no use in pretending
I know that I gotta roam.


* She puts her cans in the pantry
I read my name in the news
She spends her days sewing curtains
I feel there's no time to lose
Well it's a long way to Nashville
But then the garden is dry
If we could do it all over
Would we still be satisfied?

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