Comin' Home Atlanta

Tac gia: Nhac Ngoai
"Straight from ATL"
Man I'mma talk to you like a player right now cause I truly believe you are. Man, I've been around the world three times man and you know I'm not lying cause you know I've been with Outkast. I've been to London, I've been to France man, I've been to Japan, Australia, New Zealand. Tons of places man, seen beautiful things, seen beautiful woman of all nationalities and colors man. Been around the United States more times than I care to count. As I jump on this Gulf Stream 4, which they make is Georgia man, I gotta tell you my only thought is...

I'm coming home Atlanta.

[Verse One:]
I'm 33,000 feet descending from the atmosphere
Landing on that brand new landing strip at Jackson Hartsfield
Lookin' for an O of 'dro, I hit my man on Copy Road
Bought the O now I'm rollin' slow down on National
That's where you see them Phantoms and them Benz's and them player's ride
Note to Riverdale playboy, that's the southside
Now I'm headed to the eastside, eastside
Where them young ass niggas at roll G right
The cab and the wood lock onto ya
From Glenwood to Stone Mountain brah
From the bricks of the dust to the pounds of the weed
I swear to God brah they got what you need
Got what you want, day or night
Hop on 20, light a blunt than ride
That's right
Somethin' pretty sittin' next to me on the passenger side
Thick ass thighs, Chinese eyes
Yeah she got weed but that's aiight
That's okay, pushin' that koolaid Chevrolet through the streets to the tray
Where Mark grandmomma live, all in Thomasville
Pittsburgh,?? south and Mccannivlle
What you know about the heart of the city for a boy that?? at home?
Rest in peace Capitol Home, the projects behind the Gold Dome
Same crackers that was makin' laws
Was hittin' projects buyin' raw
And this ain't what I heard folk, this here what I seen and saw
What's up to my boys in the north
Broadswell, North Craw
Cobb County, Marietta, heard you get that late cheddar
Chop with us on the westside
We pie flippin' and bird shippin'
Got it for cheap and we ain't trippin'
I know you heard we kidnap children
And kick down do's on momma's home
But man that's only when the drought is on
Right quick before the end of song
Let me see them A's, Killer's home!


[Outro: Killer Mike talking]
You know why I love this city? Cause we ain't no quitters. They done came through, they done burnt the town down. The town been burnt down and rebuilt again. Aw man we done fought all kinds of bullshit down here man. Especially us black folk man, it took a lot man. But since we got goin' man we've been goin'. Black man to black man, congratulations man. Just lettin' you know man. Just like that Phoenix that rise out the ashes man, that's the spirit of the A man. They held us down 15 years, we didn't stop, we runnin' this music thing man. What up to Cash man. What up to Luda man. What up to Jeezy, what up to Tip. What's up to all the homies that's really doin' it man. What up to the new homies that doin' it though. Grind Time Rap Gang, bang bang. Just to let you know man. I came from a city that overcame. I came from a city that won. So I'm a winner sucker. No matter what you may think of me, "He ain't a star. He ain't part of it." So?! It don't matter. Cause I'm from a city of winners. A-Town. Grind Time Rap Gang. Bang, bang, bang.
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