So Glorious

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i bài hát So Glorious
[Intro: Killer Mike]
Man, my story is, so glorious
You know, I started off so notorious
I will die a legend like Notorious
My story is, so glorious.

Grind, grind, grind, grind, grind, shine!

[Verse: Killer Mike]
My story is, so glorious
Fat fly boy, young Notorious
Notorious, for move makin'
I got a pistol for a pig, cook bacon
I'm a young G
I'm a E.V., educated villain
Who fuckin' with me?
I'm a book reader
I'm a gang leader
Triple bang and salute when the gang see him
I'm in position that these other rappers envy
They major, broke, and I get rich indie
Yeah, I said I Get-Rich-IN-D
Trill definition of that G.R.I.N.D.

God looked out, because my life changed
It weren't for rap, I'd have a job of sell cocaine
They say I celebrate the pusher, that's profane
I say to feed my babies y'all I'll do anything
I'll sell H, I'll sell C
Because Malik, Aniyah, Pony, Mike have gotta eat
And I refuse, cause I promised I would not lose
Until I'm gone, I'mma give these sucka' niggas blues
Here come the blues, nigga!
Young Muddy Waters
In the club sweating hot with your Slutty daughters
Young 8Ball, on my way to legendary
Even Pun will have to point and say, "That nigga's very heavy!"

To son me, you gon' have to get a Bun B
Because the Pimp C in me won't let you pump me
Aye watch your mouth nigga
I'm from the South nigga
And you might smell my cologne at your house nigga
Money, money, money
Seems that's all that I'm about, nigga
I got a bad queen
She want a lot of things
And she gon' have it all
Tear down the mall
Good riddance to my ex-bitches, I holla y'all.

I see you and your new nigga at my show
He love Pledge 2, he love song 4
I love the West side, I love Zone 4
Dixie Hills, Simpson Road that's what I do it for
Martin Luther King, Bankhead and Ashby
But now it's Lowery
That's where the loud be
And everywhere I be that's where the crowd be
But I'm a street nigga, partner don't crowd me
And don't push me, and don't shush me
Cause I'm the opposite of whatever is pussy
Ass nigga, you ain't talking cash nigga
Then it's lost in translation
Get up out my face and.

Go to the room where the sucka' niggas sit
Sit around and talk some of that sucka nigga shit
The way y'all cackling (?) is like y'all sucking nigga's dick
No homo promo, but y'all suckas acting like a bitch
I fell off and came up again, I am 50 Cent
I know you don't love me
I'm black and I'm ugly
But I got money, so these fly bitches fuck me
And I got hits now, so you haters can't duck me.

My life has turned to magic, this is David Copperfield
The pretty women hug me and beg for me to cop a feel
Them crackas call a nigga they want me to cop a deal
But I don't talk 360 unless we talking 'bout a mil
If they talking major money, we can talk and that's what up
If they ain't talking 'bout that then I remain indie as fuck
They say I'm underrated and they sorry for my loss
And I reply I'm sorry that y'all broke and got a boss.

On Pledge 1 I told the world what I'm about to do
The blind couldn't see it so I showed 'em Pledge 2
God In the Building had to help 'em gain focus
Pledge 3 is here, I give you the magnum opus.
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