Rubber Bands

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
"Listen to the track!"

Rubber bands, rubber bands
Rubber bands - BOING, BOING, BOING

[Chorus: 2X]
Look at these rubbber bands
Bouncin left and right, up and down
Call my band right now, let 'em know it's goin, DOWN
Look at these rubber bands. [3X]

Bay-bay, pull her pants down
Try to to snatch that rubber band stacks
Foulin up my backpack, while I holla
"What's up Soulja?" Dolla poppin, bet it throw it
Showin off the middle finger
Showin off the index ring
Yeah I know my index stink
Cheddar diamonds, yellow rings
It's Soulja Boy Tell 'Em man
and my chain and the friends
A shoutout to the Mona Lisa hangin on my wall
in my crib right next to the rubber bands dawg


Bam! Hands down, I got swag for the year
Rubber bands on my neck, yellow ice in my ear
Make my grill disappear, when I smile in the sun
When you see the money game mayne, well you better run
Cause we snatch yo' chicks and take yo' trucks
Ain't no need to holla potnah
Just pass me the rubber bands
and the rest'll follow shawty
Holla if you hear me homey, scream if you see me shawty
Be ready to scream, cause you about to see me shawty.


Walk inside the mall
Girls screaming cause I'm fresher than a doll
New yarns, different seasons
Boy I gotta ball
I gotta have it all, if I can't have the best
then I don't want it all, this is how we boss
This is how we ball, pop tags then we do it boy
Shakin them haters off, see that do it do it fluid boy
Soulja Boy tell them yeah, tell them I'm the man
Yeah you can't get in my mansion unless you hold a grand.

[Chorus x2]
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