American Love

Tác giả: WILD
[Verse 1:]
We've got the kind of love a blind man can see
Johnny and June got nothing on you and me
They say the lines in our hands hold our destiny
And when we line ours together they line up perfectly.

With you I'm wild and free.

We move like the wind in Chicago
Fall like the rain in Seattle
We found our hearts in San Fransico
And El Paso's warm but we stay cool like Alaska
We've got American love.

Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
We've got American love (x2).

[Verse 2:]
I can't forget you you're written on my heart
Like the sheets that we stained with wine from the liquor mart
The shadows of the birds chased me to your street
They must've known that we were meant to be.




Hold steady now (x12)
(We've got American love).

[Revised Chorus:]
We shine like the lights in New York City
(We've got American love)
Live in L.A. but home's where you're with me
(We've got American love)
We lost our luck down in Vegas
But found it in this song I wrote for us
We've got American love.
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