Let Me Know

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
Oh let me know
Where you wanna go?
I could be the one
Tryna let you know
If you tell me this
I could find a way
I could find a way
Try and get to you
Oh let me know
Don't let me go
I could be the one for you
Don't let me go
Oh let me know
Don't let me go
I could be the one for you
So let me know.

[Hook Outro:]
Oh! Let me know.

[Verse 1:]
Missed calls on the regular
No, I can't get a hold of you
You're not picking up
Is it cause of us?
Are you giving up?
Are you giving up?
Hold up
You try to say you're done and you're moving
But you play my tracks when you're driving loud
To hear my voice when I'm not around
And now you say that you want it all
But if you leave you can take it all
Scared when you leave my life fall
Into boxes
Only wish I had time left to stop this
If you're changin up
And you feel I'm giving up
Cause you think you've had enough?
Girl I need to know
Put your stuff down
We can roll out
No wasting time now
Let's go!


[Verse 2:]
If it takes backpacks and a suitcase
Show I'm ready to go where the road takes us
Trust, that I'll do what I must
I roll up ready to go, no time for no shows
Let's explore find a new home of homes
Path unknown
But that won't phase me
I'm not alone
I don't need a maybe
I wanna know
If we can do this
Don't take it slow
Because of you
I know what I'm waiting for
Know what I'm living for
And I can't ignore
Cause I know what I'm fighting for.


Hey now
Can you hear what I say now?
Tell me all that you want now
Moving off of this road now
Break down
Wait now
I've got something to say now
This could go either way now
Moving off of this road now
Break down.

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