Lonely Night

Sometimes i feel so lost, so lonely
I think of you you're not around me
Sometimes i feel you're here beside me
But all i see, long lonely nights for you and for me.

Another lonely night just passing through
Alone by the stars and moon
Why can't you be the one, the one for me
Anh love not meant to be.

[Ver 2:]
Oh how i want to say "i love you" and hold you close.

I'll never let you go
I miss the times we had together
The radio playing our songs for you and for me.

[Ver 3:]
Time after time i run to places, that we had been
Brings back the memories
Night after night would last forever
Without you here there's so much love i have to give you.

Repeat [Ver 2:]
Lonely nights, lonely nights.
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Người đăng: Bằng Lăng Tím
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