If You Only Knew

Tác giả: Chưa Biết
Look into my eyes
Why are you blind to see what is clear
All that I need is simple to see
But you turn cold and I turn weak.

Words in the night. Don't come out right
Now that you think I'm so unkind
I don't know when, how it began
But I know I can't stand this pain.


Cause if you only knew, for you, all that I do
I'd give it all away. To have you in my life always
Lost, feeling unsure
Everything flashes in a blur
Trying to smile, so in denial.

All of this time will be worthwhile.
Passing the time, nothing seems right
I walk around with my head high
Hanging with friends, time and again
Waiting for all of this to end.

Darling, I wish I could erase, this pain I have just won't go away.

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