So Long Goodbye

Tác giả: Adam Hurstfield

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Tia Hải Châu

Intro:. Oh Oh Whoa Oh. Verse 1:. I got – Red – Lips. Black dress – Showin’ off hips. Don’t care – If you’ll be there tonight. Six inch – High - Heels. Cover Girl - Looks to kill. Don’t care – If you’ll be there.

So Sad

Tác giả: Chưa Biết

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Nini

Oh my darling dear where are you now. Come back to me some how. Been a long time since we say goodbye. I really miss your smile. Tell me why I feel so sad, so sad. Tell me why I feel so sad. Tell me why I get so sad,

Start With A Kiss

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Robin Thick

It starts with a kiss. Private clubs. Role playing. Voyeurism. Tickle me I like to watch Pinch me. Tickle me. Worship me (worship me) It beings with kissing (it starts with a kiss) 1. Kiss me (kiss me). 2. Seduce me (Seduce.

Stay The Night

Tác giả: Chưa Biết

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Mariah Carey

You're kissing me. And saying I'm the one you need. To keep you warm. And lay with you tonight. Baby I feel the same way. I don't want to leave. Wanna hold you close. And feel your love inside. But I don't wanna play.

Sweet Home Alabama

Tác giả: Lynard Skynard

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Chưa Biết

Big wheels keep on turning. Carry me home to see my kin. Singing songs about the southland. I miss ol' 'bamy once again (And I think it's a sin). Well I read mr young sings about her. Well I heard ol'. Neil put her.

The Final Countdown

Tác giả: Europe

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Europe

We're leaving together, but still it's farewell. And maybe we'll come back, to Earth, who can tell ? I guess there is no one to blame. We're leaving ground. Will things ever be the same again ? It's the final.

The Winner Takes It All

Tác giả: Bjorn Ulvaeus & Benny Andersson

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Abba; Meryl Streep

I don’t wanna talk. About the things we’ve gone through. Though it’s hurting me. Now it’s history. I’ve played all my cards. And that’s what you’ve done too. Nothing more to say. No more ace to play. The winner.

They Can't Take That Away From Me

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại

Our romance won't end on a sorrowful note. Though by tomorrow you’re gone. The song is ended but, as the song writer wrote:. The melody lingers on. They may take you from me. I’ll miss your fond caress. But though they take.

This Kiss

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Carly Rae Jepson

I went out last night. I'm going out tonight again. Anything to capture your attention (your attention). And she's a real sweet girl. And you know I got a boy. Details we both forgot to mention (forgot to mention). And.

Tìm Kiếm

Tác giả: Chưa Biết

Nằm ru tiếng nói đã từng....mang ban mai thắp sáng đêm mơ. À ơi ! Nỗi nhớ hãy đừng cho đôi môi đứng nhìn ai đi qua. Nằm mê man đã thấy em theo cùng cơn mơ đến. Ngọn nến...cho anh soi thấy bóng em đen. Từng thương mến.