Waiting On The World To Change

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Boyce Avenue

Me and all my friends. We're all misunderstood. They say we stand for nothing and. There's no way we ever could. Now we see everything that's going wrong. With the world and those who lead it. We just feel like we don't have.

Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)

Tác giả: John Hill; Shakira & Golden Sounds & Freshlyground

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Shakira & Freshlyground

Oooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehh. 1. You're a good soldier. Choosing your battles. Pick yourself up. And dust yourself off. Get back in the saddle. You're on the front line. Everyone's watching. You know it's serious. We are.

Want U Back

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Cher Lloyd

Uh! Mmm, yeah. La la la la laaa. Uh! Hey, boy you never had much game. Thought I needed to upgrade. So I went and walked away way way. Uh. Now, I see you've been hanging out. With that other girl in town. Looking like a.

Water Rising

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Katy B & MssingNo & Geeneus

Is this here the moment, is this for the day. We lay it on the table, we're done, walk away. I can see the words there. Clinging to your tongue. Who's gon' say it first. Our world's no longer one. Feel a tug at.

We Are Golden

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Mika

1. Waking up. In the midday sun. What's to live for? You could see what I've done. Staring at emotion. In the light of day. I was running. From the things that you'd say. We are not what you think we are. We.

We Made It

Tác giả: Julian Bunetta & John Ryan; Levi Lennox & Louis Tomlinson

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Louis Tomlinson

'Cause we made it. Underestimated. And always underrated. Now we’re saying goodbye. Waving to the hard times. Yeah, it's gonna be alright. Like the first time. Met you at your doorstep. Remember how it.


Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Snoop Dogg & Too Short & Daz Dillinger & Kokane

You want a good look and grown, with your sexy skirt on. Let me take you home, let me take you home. I'll make you scream and moan, you know that it's on. I can be yo' best friend; let me stick it.

What Dreams Are Made Of

Tác giả: Dean Pitchfordr & Matthew Wilde

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Hilary Duff

Hey now, hey now. Hey now, hey now. Have you ever seen such a beautiful night? I could almost kiss the stars for shining so bright. When I see you smiling I go, oh, oh, oh. I would never want to miss this. 'Cause in.

What If I Kissed You Now

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Darin

So here we are. Trying to talk some sense into our hearts. This can't be love. We're best of friends and that should be enough. But if that's true. Tell me why I'm holding on to you. Like I'd never let you go. What if I.

What Would You Do?

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Bastille

Aah aah aah, aah aah aah. Aah aah aah, aah aah aah. Boys and girls, wanna hear a true story? Saturday night was at this real wild party. There was liquor overflowin' the cup. About 5 or 6 strippers trying to.