Nuh Ready Nuh Ready

Tác giả: Calvin Harris; & PARTYNEXTDOOR

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Calvin Harris; PARTYNEXTDOOR

Lời bài hát Nuh Ready Nuh Ready. Mi and di mandem. We haffi run from half of di gyal dem. So sweet, so sweet. Don't want mi children and ting'. Mi nuh ready fi all dem tings. So sweet, you're so sweet, yeah. Yeah,

Slow Down

Tác giả: Cesar Ovalle Jr. Jessie Reyez & Normani & Calvin Harris;

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Calvin Harris; Normani

Oh, oh. Everybody slow down. Everybody, everybody slow down. Everybody be on the low down. And it's cool if you wanna be slow now, no doubt. Remember that night at your old house? Remember that time that.

danh sách tác phẩm của nhạc sĩ Calvin Harris;