Cash Out

Tác giả: Calvin Harris & Rogét Chahayed; Starrah; D.R.A.M. & ScHoolboy Q

Ca sĩ: Calvin Harris & Schoolboy Q & PARTYNEXTDOOR & D.R.A.M

You can rock it, you can sock it. You can even put on your brand new jacket. Because I'm the man who can put you in the musical brackets. Uh, party like it's 1980. Where the afro shiny.

Nuh Ready Nuh Ready

Tác giả: Calvin Harris; & PARTYNEXTDOOR

Ca sĩ: Calvin Harris & PARTYNEXTDOOR

Lời bài hát Nuh Ready Nuh Ready. Mi and di mandem. We haffi run from half of di gyal dem. So sweet, so sweet. Don't want mi children and ting'. Mi nuh ready fi all dem tings. So sweet, you're so sweet, yeah. Yeah,

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