Frail State Of Mind

Tác giả: Adam Hann; Ross MacDonald & Matthew Healy & George Daniel

Ca sĩ: The 1975

(Frail state of mind). (Frail state of mind). Go outside? Seems unlikely. I'm sorry that I missed your call (Missed your call). I watched it ring (Ring). "Don't waste their time". I've always got a.

If You’re Too Shy

Tác giả: George Daniel

Ca sĩ: The 1975

I see her online, all the time. I'm trying not to stare down there. While she talks about her tough time. Girl of your dreams, you know what I mean. There's something 'bout her stare that makes you nervous. And you say.

Somebody Else

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại

Ca sĩ: The 1975

So I heard you found somebody else. And at first I thought it was a lie. I took all my things that make sounds. The rest I can do without. I don't want your body. But I hate to think about you with somebody else. Our love.

The City

Tác giả: George Daniel; Matthew Healy & Ross MacDonald & Adam Hann

Ca sĩ: The 1975

1. Don't call it a fight when you know it's a war. With nothing but your t-shirt on. And go sit on the bed because I know that you want to. You got pretty eyes, but I know you're wrong. And don't call it a spade if it.

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