Don't Wanna

Tác giả: Danielle Haim & Alana Haim & Rostam; Este Haim; Danielle Haim;

Ooh, yeah, you did me so bad. When I was in the moment. Well, I didn't understand. Ooh, yeah, you did me so harsh. Left me low with my high heels in the parking lot. Always thought I'd see it.


Tác giả: Este Haim & Alana Haim & Rostam; Danielle Haim

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Haim

You took me back. But you shouldn't have. Now it's your fault if I mess around. I took a drag. But I shouldn't have. Now I'm coughing up like I. Never smoked a pack. Gasoline, pretty please. I want to.


Tác giả: Este Haim & Alana Haim & Tobias Jesso Jr.; Danielle Haim

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Haim

I met two angels, but they were in disguise. Took one look to realize. Tell 'em anything and they will sympathize. These arms hold me tight. Old fears, helped to ease them in my mind. New tears say that.

Leaning On You

Tác giả: Rostam & Alana Haim & Danielle Haim; Este Haim

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Haim

I might forget to turn out all the lights. But you take care of me when I have to leave at dawn. I might sleep in past all my alarms. But you take care of us when I make it tough because. It takes all.

Man From The Magazine

Tác giả: Danielle Haim & Este Haim & Alana Haim

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Haim

One, two, three. Man from the magazine what did you say? "Do you make the same faces in bed?". Hey, man, what kind of question is that? What did you really want me to say back? What's going on.

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