Voices In The Rain

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
As the rain falls down
it speaks of love through its sounds
the rain of dreams and fears
of passion fills with despair
watch the rain inside
and I can't seem to make it subside
without you there always be
a rainy day

I wander around in time
so lost inside don't know where to turn
I'm trying so hard to learn
to carry on but love's just burned
I'm crying for you
don't know what to do
I'm searching in hope for many clues
oh now we were one but now
that's gone two separate paths
we're standing on
with each passing day I long for your stay
each night I would dream for you to stay
you whisper to me we're meant to be
it was as if love would never seized.

Though the rain seems long
a part of me lingers on
a truth will find it's way but through the years it will fade
till the sun ray shine
will I know that you really mine
till then there will be another rainy day....
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