Kick Ass

Tác giả: Mika
1. We could rule the world
On a silver platter
From the wrong to the right light
To the open stream
With a crash and burn
We can make it better
Turn it upside down
Just you and me.

We are the dream
No other way to be.

We are young
We are strong
We're not looking for where we belong
We're not cool
We are free
And we're running with blood on our knees.

2. I could change the world
I can make it better
Kick it up and down
Took a chance on me
When you fake a smile
And you think you're better
Gonna put it down
Whip it at your feet.

No bridge to burn
Nowhere to turn for me.

What do they know about us?
Are they thinking of somebody else?
Are they wondering what we might be?
Are they thinking of you or of me?
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