Love To Hate You

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
1. You´ve a head too big for your body
And a mouth too wide for your face
An ego as big as a mountain
And in those clothes
You look a disgrace.

Girlfriends love to hate you
And you relish all their spite
Now your family´s disowned you
And you certainly know
Wrong from right.

Well I love to hate you
Oh I´d love to hate you
Love to hate you, oh yeah
Ooh I´d hate to love you
But I just can´t help myself
Loving you, I can´t help myself.

2. How comes you have this power
When you´re only five foot four
Surely you come from this world
Yet men come flocking to your door.

You gotta a certain way of sitting
A body language of your own
Something like a magnet
Please leave me leave me alone.


You drive people crazy
With one look of those eyes.

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