Radio Love

Tác giả: Lucas Estrada & NEIMY & Pawl
If I told a million lies to make you stay
Would that be wrong
If I asked you to be mine one last time
Before you're truly gone.

Yea I would like to hold you
Let our minds connect
I promise it could be true
Baby we’re a mess
So I'm just feeling so good
Nobody can do it like you
Give me that feeling give me that radio love.

If I lit a thousand lights to ease your mind
Would it feel like home
If I really took the time to say you're right
And I’ve got it wrong.

Baby I'm so sick of fighting
You hypnotize me
I don't want to lose it
You can travel the world go to the moon
Still I'll follow.

I want it I need it
A feeling you give me
So sing it throw me back
Give me that feeling give me that radio love.
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