La La La (The Floating Song)

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
[Intro: MGK]
Chase n Cashe
Can the drummer get some huh?

[Verse 1:]
Indeed, phat tracks, good weed
Anthrax, you know we loud, baby the bands back
Smokin' hash now my hash-tag's pass that and I never need cash-back
My green is on the credit of the fact that I'm the muthafuckin' man, jack
Coming straight out of the land where them Cavs at
Good stock of tree to take me I get higher then the Nasdaq
Burn somethin', me and my friends fried
Spicy chicken sandwich, some burgers and French fries
And my cherry slushie, that's red as my friends eyes
So god damn high I fell asleep in my friends ride, shit
I'm fucked up, but these the days I live fo'
For every J I smoke I fuck a bitch I'm a nympho
I wouldn't trade this for a million bucks
My best friends, my blunts, and my chucks, what's up?

La la la
Look at the clock like
La la la
It don't stop huh?
La la la
Stay up all night
La la la
We just watch uh
La la la
Bumping that new shit
La la la
This my jam
So roll it up and let's float again
Yeah yeah yeah yeah.

[Verse 2:]
I wake up to no rules, no bed
We crashin' on the couch
Leftover food
No bread, I guess we eatin' out
A couple hoops, fuck yeah, you know we ballin' out
And after that? smoke sesh, we never on a drought
We got them swishers, king size Zig Zags and all utensils
OG kush big bags, edibles in the kitchen
Plus the air match the smoke around my tattoo'd initials
So fire up the muthafuckin' bong like its a missile
Where the bitches? Somebody call the cell
Tell em bring the liquor, some mixers, and high heels
I'm half naked and all these ladies is as well
And you would be if you burn like we burnin', I'm hot as hell
Shells stuffed with the finest product these dealers sell
I swear we done ran thru more papers this summer then the mail
Fuck it, two tears in a bucket, let's get by
Live for the moment let's get high
And we floatin' like.


Hey, welcome to Fuck-You Burger, May I take your order?
Yeah, Let me get uh, let me get sixteen double double cheeseburgers
Ok, we got sixteen double double cheese burgers
Four of them without cheese, but still give them the same love as you would a cheeseburger
Eh, add two more burgers (Oh, y'all fat as fuck)
Eighteen burgers total
Let me get, let me get five of the circus fries
Okay, we got five of the circus fries
Three of them just put one French fry in there but put the same amount of sauce as if all of the French fries were in there (That is retarded, are you high?)
Eh, and five vanilla shakes
But which one of y'all have money?
Eh man I'm broke (Hello?)
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