Can't Stop Loving You

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
[Verse 1:]
I fell from holy Moses mountain
Where love's a slippery slope
And all the others I've been hanging with
Never gave me too much room
Then one day she came to me
Love at first sight, head to toes
I love her wild, my mountain child
And that's just how she goes
And here she got.

Hey, I can't stop loving you
Because it's all I want to do
Yeah the world needs more of this
Tell me what you put into that kiss
Now keep that coming on
Let me hear my favorite song
Yeah you're all I wanna do
Because I can't stop loving you.

[Verse 2:]
Got me a good old time and cowboy
He got my picture on the fridge
And the first time when he kissed me
We was high up on the ridge
And when we came down from the mountain
I will ride with my mckean
And for all it costs, for getting lost
There ain't no better sin
Here we go again.


[Verse 3:]
When I wake up and see your face
All that jump in a picture lace
And that there's nowhere else I would rather be
Then all tied up in this rhapsody.

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